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Miru 1day Flat Pack

19,99 €
« Miru » signifie « voir » en japonais. Et c'est exactement l'objectif des lentilles Miru 1day Flat Pack! Ces lentilles de contact sont fabriquées à partir d'un matériau respectueux des yeux sensibles, qui empêche la déshydratation, pour un confort ultime.
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Thinnest contact lens packaging of the world
Miru 1 day Flat Pack packaging is only one millimeter thin. It is very easy to open and the lens directly comes up to the surface when opening the packaging. This allows you to easily put the lens on your finger and lowers the risk of making your lens dirty.
Always sharp and clear vision
Due to the innovative design of the 1day Miru lenses you will always have a sharp and clear vision. In addition, the perfect fitting allows you to hardly feel the lens when wearing it: no edges, no irritations. Is your day over? Then you can dispose your lenses in the plastic container and use a new pair the next day!
Up to 80% less packaging material
Besides the convenience of the thin packaging, it also has several benefits for the environment. Through using this packaging you are using up to 80% less packaging material compared to traditional contact lens packaging. In addition, the storage box is made of recycled plastic, allowing you as a lens wearer to contribute to a better environment.
Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack
The thinnest contact lens packaging of the entire world, designed with contact lens wearers in mind. For simpler usage, more hygiene and more comfortable contact lens wearers. Research shows that contact lens wearers face a few problems when wearing lenses. These are for example opening the lens in the blister, finding the lens in the blister and checking whether the lens is inside out. Miru 1day Flat Pack lenses solve these problems. The packing is simple to open, the lens is easy to find and easy to apply. The smart designed ultra-thin packaging is convenient to store and to take with you as it takes little space up. It is ideal to use when traveling or working out and can be delivered in a convenient storage box for 30 lenses.
  • CENTRAFORM™ edge design – Experience the comfort
  • Smart Touch™ technology for hygienic handling
  • Active Compliance™ - Lowers the risk of micro bacteria contamination
  • 1mm packaging - up to 80% less packaging material
  • Aspheric design - sharper and clearer sight, especially at reduced light


Orientation Marking Available
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)
Fréquence de renouvellement
Lentilles journalières
14.2 millimeter
Handling Tint
Matériau de la lentille
Hioxifilcon A
Type de matériau

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